Welcome as a partner DownTown [EU]

We are happy to introduce our new partner DownTown EU SCUM. DownTown is one of the most popular EU SCUM servers that you can play on with over 1,243 Discord members. They have extremely good support, active admins, and a good SCUM bot. Here you will find their Discord.

As partners, we will help each other develop and grow together. This is just the beginning of what is to come. If you are interested in starting to play SCUM, Frag Delivery has 10 active members who welcome you with open arms.

As a partner, we have no benefits when playing on the server. We play by the same rules as everyone else. This is a partnership for both of us to reach out to new players.

Here is the current server information for DownTown.

Server: [EU] DownTown - WIPED 7/31 - OFFLINE RAID ALERT - NO MECHS - BOT SHOP - discord.gg/SQTZ9QbZdw
Status: online
Time in Game: 15:00
World Event: Airport B2
Players: 0/76
Ranking: #37


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