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Frag Delivery is an organisation aimed at older players. We don’t care about your gaming skill, rather we strive for a tolerant community and above all, having fun together. With us you play when you have the time and opportunity and our golden rule is that family always comes first.

We are active almost 24/7 in our dedicated Discord server, so finding other players to play with is a breeze. We also host private, themed events for members and in-clan competitions in Multiplayer and Warzone alike.

The idea is that you as a member, should have fun and enjoy the benefits of a friendly community. The concept has been a success and we are thriving! We now count over 300 members.

Everyone’s voice counts in The Frag Delivery, that’s our strength, that’s why we’re growing, and that’s why we rightfully call ourselves a true community. We build it together.


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