We only have one team as a whole and that is Frag Delivery. Then we have subgroups that play various games. In the future, we will focus on both new teams and subgroups that play games other than Call of Duty.
You are most welcome to join us if you meet our age requirement. You need to be 30 years old to join. You can apply for Frag Delivery by clicking on APPLY in the menu.
If you are interested in becoming a sponsor, please contact us at inquiries@fragdelivery.com and tell us how we can help each other. Reach out to us!
Absolutely, in the future we will develop and create more teams.
You will find our merch in our shop in the menu.
Right now we only accept applications from Swedish residents. The reason our site is in English is to reach out to more people and create more contacts.
Write what you are looking for, and press enter to begin your search!

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