We are finally online

It took a while but now we are finally online with our new website for Frag Delivery.

What we have focused on right now on our site is our approach to new people who are interested in our community. Words are always the easiest to express, so with our information here we want to give you as a new the best gaming experience with lots of other like-minded people.

It will take time to get the platform completely ready, it’s a bit like owning a house, there is always something to do. But we really hope you will enjoy your stay here. And if you are interested in joining, send in an application.

Let's go! Team!

Comments (6)

  1. Martin

    Det här är fan det sjukaste! Du slutar aldrig att förvåna!!

  2. Merro Awad

    Awesome site!

  3. Roger

    Har ansökt 🙂

  4. HairyPoppins

    Så jäkla snygg. Bra jobbat!

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