Hubmle guy who likes to play games. Have worked with Windows Server 2012 R2/ 2016. AD/GPO management and SQL. Windows SQL Server management. Unix (AIX, HP-UX, Red Hat)


Gamer and Grower from northern sweden, when im not with my family in our garden you can find me on Call of Duty. Been playing videogames as long as a…


Father of 2 boys by day, gamer by night. Always loved games on both console and pc everything from adventure games to fps/strategy. took a game break of +10 years…


A truck driver whose hobbies are playing games and fishing!


Parent during the day and cod player in the evenings. Love teamwork, competition, chocolate, driving and world peace of course.


Father of four – COD fan who has played through all CODs over the years, with the most hours during the jetpack era, which is a clear favorite. Love Faxe…


Tattooed father of two from the 08 area with a strong competitive spirit, moved to Oland with the family. Trained as an interaction designer and web developer, my background in…

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