Laid back dude who likes to frag, a lot. Drinks plenty coffee, beer and loves a chilled GT. Resides in the exotic south of Sweden, representing Malmö in TFD. Will…


A sweaty 32-year-old father of 2 who lives in Småland. Exercising and playing cod in my spare time. Started as a noob on Plunder 2020 Verdansk, and have been stuck…


I like to play with others, new friends are always fun to make. I see gaming as a way to build bridges and create a community.


A gaming dad who use games to relax, Been playing games since Pong.


Started playing fps games in the early 90s. Started with medal Of Honor/Spearhead and competed in Clanbase (Wich dosent exist anymore) against other clans in Europe. Headed over to Call…

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