Frag Delivery defeats Screaming Corpses in the first snd match

Frag Delivery defeats Screaming Corpses in the debut match in the Swedish SnD hardcore league. What a Sunday we had! at first it started hard but then everything fell into place, and we won over SC with 5-5-6-6 and managed to pick up 22 points.

We also want to thank all the support we had during the match in our live streams. It means a lot to our players when we are there and support them in the league.

We are also working on getting our own statistics for the league here on our site as well as our own line-up of players in the league. Be patient.

Now we aim for next Sunday when we meet SWG. Hope to see you there!

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    Knackig start men sen kom vi igång sista 2 kartorna! Nu kan det bara gå bättre 🦾🔥

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    Nu vet jag vad jag gör varje söndag framöver…. Grymt spelat!

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    Kul match! Dålig start men helt ok.

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